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When it comes to plant-based foods, we’ve already designed products your customers are asking for, and we want to share them with YOU. 

Consumers want it all, amazing taste, responsible sourcing and nutrition, with no compromise. We create our foods from organic and non-GMO ingredients made from a whole plant perspective grown and made right here in the USA. Leading with protein and finishing with label friendly regenerative grown ingredients your consumers have everything they want in food and nothing that they don’t.

You want the next hot product built from plants? Call us, we will build you a product with mind blowing taste so good you won’t believe it from peas using our PURIS Pea Protein, PURIS Textured Pea Protein (TPP), PURIS Pea Starch, PURIS Pea Protein Crisp and PURIS Pea Hull Fiber.

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