Consumers want NON-animal-derived, NON-gelatin gummies.

The search is over with Organic Gummies made with PURIS™ Organic Pea Starch.

Is sustaining enough? Or should we find ways to give more than we take?


PURIS Organic Pea Starch provides a clean label, highly functional alternative to expensive, animal-derived, non-organic stabilizers like gelatin and pectin. Our Organic Pea Starch provides a clean taste to let your flavors shine through while giving your product a firm, short texture to create a great gummy or fruit snack.


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PURIS Organic Gummies

Made from PURIS™ Organic Pea Starch

  • Pivot your product from traditional to Non-GMO, Organic, Non-Animal and USA sourced!
  • Economical solution to non-organic stabilizers  —  100% Organic Pea Starch lets you increase active ingredients per serving to meet 95% organic standards, and reduces serving size, total sugar, and overall costs
  • Add stable, firm, desireable texture to your gummy
  • Neutral taste that will let your flavor profile shine through
  • Replace less sustainable starches such as corn and tapioca starches
Consult with our team of experts about how you can best incorporate PURIS Organic Pea Starch into your applications.

From snacks to supplements, gummies have a broad range of applications

PURIS is taking gummies to the next level by providing a stable starch solution as an alternative to pectin and gelatin. Not only is it highly functional, it is sustainable and regenerative.

PURIS™ Organic Pea Starch is the perfect choice for everything from fruit snacks to vegan gummies to organic supplements.

Unlike other stabilizers, PURIS™ Organic Pea Starch is 100% organic, which helps you increase your active ingredients per serving to meet 95% organic standards. This can help reduce your serving size and overall cost.


Let PURIS™ help you take your gummy formula to the next level. Email us for more information at


Product Features


PURIS Organic Pea Starch has a neutral taste and provides a firm set with short texture perfect for your gummy or snack application.


Made from peas in the USA! Plus, our proprietary process results in the clean isolation of pea starch which can help reduce your ingredient spend compared to pectin and gelatin.


PURIS Pea Starch is available in Organic, helping to make your formulation organic so you can focus on your active ingredients and reduce serving size!

Sustainable & Regenerative

Peas regenerate the soil through nitrogen fixation. PURIS Organic Pea Starch is sourced from peas grown in the USA and is a great way to deliver high-quality products while leaving the planet better off.

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