Built to Fuel.

PURIS™ Organic Pea Crispeas are a great way to pack in nutrition as an alternative to other carb-heavy Crispeas. Packing 20% protein, they're everything you want in a crisp, and nothing you don’t.


Available in Organic, PURIS™ Pea Crispeas combine great flavor, crunchy texture, and a clean finish. The result? Plant-based protein-rich foods that are an ideal complement to a wide array of applications.


Pea Crispeas are made using PURIS™ Organic Pea Flour and are perfect for bars, oatmeal, soup toppers, and beyond. With a neutral flavor, PURIS Organic Pea Crispeas let your creation's profile shine through.




PURIS Organic Pea Crispeas

Check all the boxes

Amazing taste and nutrition and free from everything but protein and fiber. Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Worry-Free Ingredients

PURIS™ Organic Pea Crispeas are the perfect allergen-free solution for any application. For those hungry for foods that check all the boxes, our Organic Pea Crispeas are free from ingredients on the no list. That is the PURIS recipe for success. We help empower your team to create high-quality products that satisfy your most demanding customers — mind, body, and spirit.


Product Features


Contain 20% protein and have great texture and flavor. Replace your old carb-heavy crisp with something with more nutrition while still keeping a neutral flavor profile

Clean Label

PURIS™ Pea Crispeas contain one ingredient: Organic Pea Flour. Non-GMO and available in organic for applications that will appeal to even the most discerning consumers.

Broad Applications

Get creative! PURIS™ Organic Pea Crispeas not only deliver nutrition, they provide a great base for bars and can add crunch and interest in other applications like oatmeal mixes and nut butters.

Planet Friendly

Peas regenerate the soil through nitrogen fixation. PURIS™ Organic Pea Crispeas are made from peas grown in the USA and are a great way to deliver high-quality products while leaving the planet better off.

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