Clean carbohydrates for peak performance and recovery

Clean Carb Recovery Beverage made from PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE

PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE provides a targeted source of carbohydrates for the athlete looking for a clean label, low-glycemic carbohydrate for energy, peak performance, and recovery.


Pea Starch has low glycemic response for sustained energy release and low osmolality to reduce and virtually eliminate any gastric distress experienced with shorter chain carbs and sugar.


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PURIS™ Clean Carb Recovery Beverage

Made from PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE

  • Available in Organic
  • Clean, neutral flavor that is easily sweetened or flavored
  • Works well as a companion to other "actives" such as electrolytes and probiotics
Consult with our team of experts about how you can best incorporate PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE into your applications.


Product Features

Superior Taste

PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE has a super clean flavor that works well in flavored, unflavored, sweetened, or unsweetened applications.


Clean carbohydrates for performance recovery. Contains targeted medium chain carbohydrates that produce a lower glycemic response, and have low osmolality that won't induce cramping.

Clean Label & Organic

PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE is made from a single ingredient (peas), is USA-grown, Non-GMO Project Certified, and is available in Organic. It's perfect for any clean label application.

Sustainable & Regenerative

Peas regenerate the soil through nitrogen fixation. PURIS™ Pea Starch BRTE is sourced from peas grown in the USA and is a great way to deliver high-quality products while leaving the planet better off.

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