When we say regenerative, we mean it.

Over 400 US farmers and nearly 200,000 acres of land. One pea at a time. 

On Kurt Lensing's Organic Farm in Belgrade, Minnesota, the fields are covered with flowering peas. These peas are playing a major role in improving the vitality of his land and surrounding ecosystem. Kurt has done what hundreds of farmers across the nation are doing: implementing regenerative agricultural practices with PURIS peas.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture brings life back to deprived habitats, reversing climate change and rebuilding the damage done from years of intensive farming. Starting with the restoration of healthy soil, regenerative practices are capable of producing high quality nutrient dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land. Ultimately regenerative solutions lead to productive farms, healthy communities, and vibrant economies.

For over 30 years, regenerative agriculture has been the foundation of our family business. Today, PURIS is working side by side with over 400 farmers and together we're building a regenerative food future on 200,000 acres of land. PURIS growers are a collective group of organic farmers, non-GMO farmers and transitional.

The result? Increased crop yields, restoration of soil, protection against climate instability, improvements in waterways, stronger ecosystems, and enhanced health for our farming communities.  

Regenerative Agriculture:_MG_3548-2

  • Improves the resources it uses instead of degrading or diminishing them
  • Enriches soil
  • Enhances biodiversity
  • Restores watersheds 
  • Does not contribute to the release of toxins and pollutants 

Farmers are leading a revolution - a total systemic change towards a healthier planet. They are working with intention, taking action against climate change and going beyond maintaining current conditions to restore the natural system. These practices are referred to as regenerative agriculture.

We all have a responsibility to leave this land better than we found it. By banding together, all believing in the process, all moving in one direction - it's incredible what we can accomplish together